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Homeless Man Gets Kicked Off Bus, Police Officer Buys Him Shoes (Video)

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An act of kindness has gone viral after a police officer was recorded giving a homeless man a new pair of shoes (video below).

Delaware River Port Authority Officer Kenya Joyner was called to assist a bus driver at the Lindenwold High Speed Station in New Jersey. A man, allegedly homeless, was not wearing any shoes. As passengers are required to have footwear, the driver needed him to be taken off the bus.

Joyner told The Philadelphia Inquirer he had seen the man earlier that day, lying on a bench. After asking the man where his shoes were, he found out this man did not have any.

"It was cold Saturday," Joyner said. "I asked him 'what size shoe do you wear?'" He went to a nearby Payless shoe store and bought the middle-aged man some boots worth between $40 and $50.

Kayla Palmer and her father were in the area when the incident took place. Although Palmer herself did not see the initial conversation between Joyner and the man, her father told her what had happened.

“We saw the officer pull back up and we thought he was gonna tell him to leave,” Palmer told NBC Philadelphia. “Instead he came out with a box of shoes.”

She decided to record the interaction and upload the video to Facebook..

"I need to film this because you see all these negative stories about police in the news these days," Palmer said. "You don't really see anything positive."

“That was nice of you,” Palmer said to Joyner in the video. “I wanna shake your hand. You’re gonna go viral!”

“Oh come on,” Joyner replied while laughing.

Joyner did not want to be recognized for his good deed, as he feels it's merely part of an officer's job.

"I know plenty of officers that have done similar actions and even greater ones, but I guess I was caught on film," he told The Inquirer. "Most officers have no problem being the way I am."

Joyner also disagreed with the assertion that he could have arrested the man.

"You realized the situation was he just didn't have shoes," Joyner explained. "There was no need to make the situation worse than it needed to be. It was somebody who couldn't afford shoes."

Sources: The Philadelphia Inquirer, NBC Philadelphia, Kayla Christine Palmer on Facebook / Photo credit: The Philadelphia Inquirer

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