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Home Known For Being 'Portal To Hell' Torn Down (Video)

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An infamous home in Gary, Indiana known as the “exorcism house” has been demolished by Ghost Adventures host and producer, Zak Bagan (video below).

Bagans purchased the house in 2014 for $35,000 from Latoya Ammons after she reported that she and her three children were possessed by demons while living there from November 2011 until May 2012, reports the IndyStar.

While the claim may seem ridiculous, it has been corroborated by members of the local police department and employees from the Indiana Department of Child Services.

“Something was inside that house that had the ability to do things that I have never seen before — things that others carrying the highest forms of credibility couldn't explain either,” Bagans told the IndyStar.

“There was something there that was very dark yet highly intelligent and powerful.”

The exorcism of Ammons was captured on film inside the house by police and will be featured in a documentary Bagans plans to release later in the year. 

Daily Mail posted an inside-look at the documentary and haunted home on to YouTube.

Ammons and her mother Rosa Campbell said that bizarre things frequently occurred at the “exorcism house”.

The hour-long documentary will showcase stories of the children being picked up and thrown against the walls and furniture; adults being “choked to death” by a paranormal force; a demonic, shape-shifting form; the ghost of a withered old lady with red eyes and a hood; and the three children shaking and reciting Satanic verses, according to Daily Mail.

Bagans interviewed several police officers, a former DCS worker and others for his film. He would not disclose whether he interviewed Ammons or her family, according to IndyStar.

Gary Indiana Police Captain Charles Austin, 62, was present when the footage was recorded. He came in as a skeptic, but left convinced that he had just witnessed a “portal to hell.” 

Sources: Daily Mail, Indy Star, Daily Mail via YouTube / Photo credit: Hammond Police Department via Daily Mail

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