Home Depot Wrongly Slammed Over Facebook Post From Woman Who Doesn't Work There

The Home Depot says a Texas woman — whose Facebook post in response to the Charleston, South Carolina, church shooting recently went viral — doesn’t work for the company. 

Patrice Pace’s recent post raised some eyebrows and had some calling for a boycott of the popular hardware chain because her Facebook account listed The Home Depot as her employer, according to The Dallas Morning News.

“I’m down for randomly killing white people, Rs,” Pace, who lives in Plano, wrote on June 18. “I’ll gladly walk into a pet store or Starbucks and just start bussin.”

“Rs” is an abbreviation sometimes used to in place of the words “real s***,” meant to signify that the person making the post is serious. Pace added two smiley faces at the end of her post.

A screen shot of that post, and one she made earlier the same day, was then posted to the Facebook page of conservative, black talk radio host Wayne Dupree, The Morning News reported.

“America received 400 years of free labor and beyond that they still managed to do as much as they can to bring black people down, here it is 2015 and we excell [sic] in everything from sports to music to anything else we touch,” read the other post from Pace. “The problem is white people can’t stand that we’re natural born winners, so the result is continuous racism and killing. We have over come and shall continue to overcome.”

“Hey The Home Depot, not sure I want to enter your place of business if Ms Pace is working for your stores,” Dupree wrote in the post accompanying the screen shot. 

Other Facebook commenters also chimed in, saying they were considering boycotting the business unless Pace was fired. 

The only problem is, Pace doesn’t work at The Home Depot, despite what were Facebook profile says. 

The 23-year-old black woman confirmed in a phone interview with The Morning News she never worked for the company and said the fact that she listed The Home Depot as an employer was just a random choice. 

“Same reason it says I live in Jamaica, like, I don’t know,” she said. “I’m pretty sure Home Depot’s getting plenty of phone calls and looking through their employee list looking for Patrice Pace.”

She said she made the post in anger after she heard a Charleston judge say the alleged shooter’s relatives were also “victims.” But, she said, she thought only a few of her friends would see the post and they would know not to take it seriously. 

“I was just like, ‘What is really going on in America? What’s really happening to black people in America? Is it blatant disrespect that we have to continue to take?’” Pace said. “I could’ve worded it differently. I could’ve worded it way better.”

The Home Depot took to Twitter, responding to criticism and distancing itself from Pace. 

Responding to Dupree’s original post, the company tweeted: “@WayneDupreeShow we're appalled as well, but this person does not work for The Home Depot.”

“Like you, we’re appalled, but we’ve investigated this and can’t find any evidence that this person works for Home Depot,” the company responded to The Daily Dish, who had previously posted a link to Pace’s comment and asked “is that what your company supports and represents?”

Pace said a police officer visited her house to investigate the post after someone called and reported her. 

She told The Morning News that she knew the officer well because she had lived in the same neighborhood for a decade. 

“He was like, ‘How serious are you?’ and I was like, ‘Not serious at all,’” she said, adding that he asked her to delete the post. When she assured him she already had, the officer left.

Sources: The Dallas Morning News, Facebook: Wayne Dupree Show, Twitter: Home Depot

Photo Credit: Facebook: Wayne Dupree Show


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