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Home Depot Honors Commitment To Veterans, Lowers Price Of Air Filters from $900 To 3 Cents

The mission of The Home Depot Foundation is to "improve the home and lives of U.S. military veterans and their families." A Colorado woman recently learned that the foundation is true to its word.

Cheryl Ritter recently became a caregiver for a friend with substantial breathing problems, Channel 9 News reports. She went to a Home Depot store in Boulder, Colorado, on Oct. 2 to buy air purifiers for her house. As the largest filter available covered 450 square feet, Ritter realized she would need three for the house.

Upon learning the three air filters would cost $900, she told Jay Poston, the employee who had been working with her, that she would not be able to afford the filters. According to her Facebook page, Ritter noted that she and Poston then talked about her friend for a little while, and it came to light that Ritter's friend was a veteran.

The Home Depot Foundation has invested more than $80 million in supporting more than 13,000 housing units for veterans, and does not plan on stopping "anytime soon," according to the organization's mission page.

"We talked a little about Neil and how the vets were being treated and when he found out Neil was a vet he took me up to customer service because he was going to get me a discount," Ritter wrote on her Facebook page. "Jay told me to stay there and not move. After 10 minutes or so he came by, told me to take my purse out of the cart and left again with my cart after instructing me not to move."

After checking with a manager about applying a discount, Poston returned with an air filter, two replacement filters, and told Ritter that Home Depot believes in taking care of veterans. The price of a $300 purifier and two replacement filters was now 3 cents, which Poston willingly paid himself. He told Ritter to thank her friend for his service.

"I have been crying ever since over their generosity and help in making Neil's last days something easier for him," Ritter said.

Sources: Channel 9 News, The Home Depot Foundation, Cheryl Ritter/Facebook

Photo credit: The Home Depot Foundation, Mike Mozart/Flickr


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