Hockey Referee Punches Player, Team Trainer Goes After Referee (Video)


A bizarre video (below) recently surfaced from a junior hockey game between the London Lakers and the Kingsville Kings in Ontario, Canada, on Nov. 20, 2015.

The teams, who are part of the Greater Metro Junior A Hockey League, got into a typical hockey brawl, notes

However, after the original melee was over, a referee appeared to slug and knock Lakers player Michael Wooley down on the ice, reports The Hockey News.

Lakers player Jonathan DaSilva skated over but got a hand in his face from the same referee.

Then the Lakers trainer came out on the ice and took down the referee. The trainer was subsequently escorted off the ice by two other referees.

There were 57 total penalty minutes and eight players kicked out of the game, which concluded with the Kings winning 6-3.

Sources: The Hockey News, / Photo Credit: FM96Tube via YouTube Screenshot

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