Cops Arresting Man For Riding Bike Goes Viral (Video)


A video of a rough encounter between a young black man and two police officers has gone viral after it was posted on social media (video below).

In the video, a man is shown quarreling with a female officer, who is much smaller than him, reports Mad World News.

Footage shows that the altercation started when the officer stopped the man for riding his bike on the sidewalk in Merced, California. According to Merced City Municipal Code Section 10.44.040, it's illegal for bikes to ride on sidewalks from streets “V” through “G” on Main Street, The Free Thought Project reports.

The man is seen asking the female officer why she stopped him, but she failed to provide a reason and calls for backup. It appears the young man had no idea bicycles are prohibited from sidewalks.

She asked to see the young man’s ID, but he attempted to ride away instead. She blocks him and keeps repeating, “You need to give me your ID!” She then grabs the man’s arm and kicks over his bicycle.

The young man then says, “Don’t touch me,” while the female officer keeps trying to grab him. The person filming the incident tries to calm the cyclist down and advises him not to resist arrest. She then puts his wrists behind his back and proceeds to handcuff him.

The female officer’s partner arrives just in time, wearing a white motorcycle helmet, to hound the young man. The male officer comes running in, screaming at the man.

“Do you hear her talking to you? Do you hear her talking to you?” the officer asked while putting his hands around the man’s throat. The young man resists becoming violent and appears to remain still.

The male officer kicks the man’s feet until he falls to the ground. He yells at the officer, telling him to “Get off me!” and that “You’re squeezing me too f***ing hard!”

When the man recording gets too close to the officer, he’s told to back away, and he complies.

Nonetheless, instantly after backing off, another officer comes to the scene and tackles the man filming. He is later arrested and charged with a misdemeanor for resisting, delaying, or disrupting a public officer, according to The Free Thought Project.

Sources: Mad World News, Free Thought Project / Photo credit: YouTube via Mad World News

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