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Watch: Little Boy's Priceless Reaction To Hillary Clinton's Campaign Announcement (Video)

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Many rejoiced on Sunday following Hillary Clinton’s long awaited announcement regarding her campaign to be President of the United States, but one young boy wasn’t too happy about it.

Zeke Celello, who appears to be about 2 years old in a new viral video, was overcome with emotion when Clinton announced her campaign. He insisted that he was going to run for president instead.

In the video, uploaded to Facebook by his mother Erin, Zeke insists that playtime would be a top priority if he were Commander-in-Chief and that his main goal in ascending to the coveted office would be to play with toys.

After realizing that more than one person could run for president, Zeke seemed to lighten up.

“I’m Zeke and I’m running for president,” Zeke says.  

Sources: DailyMail, MediaITE

Photo Credit: Facebook/Erin Celello


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