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Hillary Clinton Jabs At President Trump On Twitter

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Former Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton is not holding back with her quips on Twitter, criticizing President Donald Trump for his administration's difficulty in coping with the demands of running a country.

Clinton began the day on March 17 by replying to a tweet from Philippe Reines, who worked for Clinton as a Democratic consultant.

"Russians spy. Health Care is complicated. Diplomacy is exhausting... Who Knew?" Reines tweeted.

The former secretary of state replied to Reines with a pointed jab at her former opponent, oozing with sarcasm: "Things I learned today."

Many Clinton supporters on Twitter took a more matter-of-fact approach in replying to the tweet from Reines, answering his question about "who" might have known directly. 

"She knew," wrote one user.

"She did," tweeted another.

"She knew," another user wrote. "Most of America didn't listen. They just voted for an unfit and twisted man. What a bad move, for America."

The initial tweet from Reines was referring to the hiccups the current administration has faced since Trump took office. The mention of health care being complicated refers to Trump's remarks on health care in February, for which he received criticism. 

"Nobody knew health care could be so complicated," Trump told the nation. 

Independent Sen. Bernie Sanders of Vermont, who was a presidential candidate, was one of many politicians and members of the media who came forward to say they were fully aware of the complexity of health care and criticized the president's lack of knowledge. 

"Some of us who were sitting on the health education committee, who went to meeting after meeting after meeting, who heard from dozens of people, who stayed up night after night trying to figure out this thing, yeah we got a clue," Sanders told CNN. "When you provide health care in a nation of 320 million people, yeah, it is very, very complicated."

The reference to Russians spying may be referring to the two Russians who were indicted just days earlier after a massive hack on Yahoo, from which sensitive information may have been compromised. The comment may also be referring to Trump's alleged ties with Russia. 

The last part of the tweet from Reines refers to news released the same day the tweet was posted that Secretary of State Rex Tillerson cut short his diplomatic visit with Korean officials due to fatigue. 

"Tillerson’s shortened diplomatic consultations and public events in Seoul spawned a flurry of speculation given a leadership vacuum and political uncertainties," reported The Korea Herald. "His meetings with Yun and Hwang were each confined to about an hour, without a lunch or dinner gathering. Seoul officials said the U.S. side opted not to have a meal together, citing the secretary's 'fatigue.'"

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