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Hillary Clinton Dance Video Goes Viral (Video)

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Democratic frontrunner Hillary Clinton broke out into a cringeworthy two-step dance at a campaign rally in New Hampshire (video below).

In the short video, Clinton can be seen alongside several female senators in the city of Manchester, where she'd just given a speech, reported Daily Mail.

A song campaign song begins to play over the sound system, prompting Clinton and the senators to sway arm-in-arm. Clinton and Sen. Jeanne Shaheen can be seen two-stepping alongside each other.

The awkward moment wasn't the first time the former Secretary of State let loose and danced. She's made numerous appearances on the "Ellen" show, showing off her version of the "whip and Nae Nae," reported CNN.

Watch the awkward two-step below.

Sources: CNN, Daily Mail / Photo credit: Wikipedia

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