High School Team Celebrates Win Too Early (Video)

The Burrillville high school basketball team celebrated a premature win during a game against Chariho in Rhode Island on Feb. 28 (video below).

A Burrillville player thought the game was over and tossed the ball into the air before the buzzer went off. A Chariho player caught the ball and called a time out, notes WPRI.

The Burrillville team celebrated what they thought was a win by dog piling in the middle of the court, but there was still one second left.

After the pseudo-celebration, Chariho's Jack Beauregard made a perfect alley-oop pass to Tom Longolucco who scored, reports ABC 6.

Chariho won the Illinois Division III Championship 60-59.

Sources: ABC 6WPRI / Photo credit: WPRI/YouTube

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