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High School Student's Cheeky Response To Test Question About Gun Control Goes Viral (Photo)


An Illinois high school student chose an amusing response to a question about gun control on a social studies exam, which has now gone viral online.

The student, who was only identified as Lisa, was working on a practice test at a suburban Chicago high school when she came across the multiple-choice question about gun control, Top Right News reported.

The test question was written as follows:

"Control of the sale and use of guns is a difficult issue in the United States. The 2nd Amendment says that the 'right to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed,' yet many states have put restrictions on guns. Those who favor gun control base their arguments on which of the following ideas?"

The four possible answers to the question included "liberty," "equality," "public safety" and "individual rights."

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Instead of choosing one of the provided answers, Lisa instead wrote a fifth choice, "stupidity," and circled it.

The student reportedly took a picture of her test response and posted it online. She said in the Instagram post where she first shared the picture that her teacher was "less than pleased" with her answer, according to Top Right News.

The photo of the student's witty answer has now gone viral online.

Many sites favoring gun rights have praised the student for speaking her mind about the controversial issue.

"We need more students immune to Progressive brainwashing in our public schools," wrote Jason DeWitt, the author of the Top Right News article.

John Roberts, a contributor for website Young Conservatives, called the student's answer "epic" and said that pro-gun control advocates have taken the stance out of "emotion, not fact or reason."

"Sure, in an ideal world we wouldn’t need guns," Roberts wrote. "However, we live on a planet where some people thought it was a good idea to sentence Christ to death."

"This isn’t a perfect world," he continued. "Bad guys find guns on the streets and wind up taking advantage of law-abiding citizens because they know they are unarmed. That’s the problem and it's as clear as day, but liberals find themselves living in the shadows as if they were vampires from 'I Am Legend.'"

Sources: Top Right News, Young Conservatives / Photo credit: Top Right News

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