High School Girl Made To Miss Final Exam Because Her Outfit Would 'Distract The Boys' (Photos)


A teenage girl from Utah missed a final exam because she was asked to change out of an outfit that was deemed “too distracting for the boys.”

Ash Schmidt was walking to her classroom to take a final exam when she was stopped by a female hall monitor who told her that she would have to change as her outfit was too “inappropriate” and would be distracting for the boys.

She explained to the hall monitor that she was on her way to take an exam and was told that she “couldn’t be in the room while the males were taking the test because her outfit would cause them to be unfocused.”

According to Schmidt’s post about the incident on Twitter, the hall monitor told her that she would rather Ash miss her test than have the boys in class be distracted during theirs.

“I am a 16-year-old girl; to me, legs are just simply legs. Am I the only one who finds it insulting that middle-aged women are sexualizing teenage girls’ bodies?” Ash wrote on Twitter.

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Ash’s tweet had been retweeted more than 27,000 times and "liked" more than 22,000 times in the seven days since she posted about her experience on Jan. 13.

She spoke to Metro more about the incident.

“I just felt harassed and degraded,” the high school junior told Metro. “She basically told me my education was less important than the boys’ education. My family were really bugged because they had to bring me a separate set of clothing and new pants because my mom wasn’t near home.”

After sharing, Ash began to receive a lot of support from people around the world.

“It’s really wonderful that a lot of people are standing behind me,” she said. “It made me feel like everyone had my back and I wasn’t alone in it.”

Sources: Metro, Ash Schmidt/Twitter / Photo credit: Ash Schmidt/Twitter

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