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High School Student Charged After Blowing Cigar Smoke In Teacher's Face (Video)


A Little Rock, Arkansas, student who was caught on video blowing cigar smoke in a teacher’s face was charged with sexual harassment. 

In a video of the December 2015 incident (below), 18-year-old Christopher Dunn is seen getting up from his chair and walking towards his teacher. He then proceeds to blow cigar smoke in his teacher’s face.

North Little Rock Police Department spokesman said that a misdemeanor warrant for harassment was approved and served to the North Little Rock High School student, KATV reports.

“A person commits the offense of harassment if, with purpose to harass, annoy, or alarm another person, without good cause, he: Engages in conduct or repeatedly commits an act that alarms or seriously annoys another person and that serves no legitimate purpose,” the criminal statue for harassment states, according to KATV.

Watch the shocking incident below.

Sources: KATV, William Bastone/YouTube / Photo credit: YouTube Screenshot

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