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High School Football Player Performs Amazing Onside Kick (Video)

Kyle Hudson of Mosley High School successfully pulled off an unusual onside kick during a football game against West Florida on Sept. 18 in Pensacola, Florida (video below).

During the opening kickoff of the game, Hudson faked a kick with his right foot, spun around and used his left heel to kick the ball to the right where it was recovered by one of his teammates, notes ESPN.

Mosley High School ended up defeating West Florida, who are three-time defending district champions, 31-24.

"I thought our guys were resilient tonight," Mosley High School coach Jeremy Brown told Pensacola News Journal. "We battled through early in the game on some tough penalties, we gave up the interception for a touchdown late in the game on a tipped pass, just an unlucky break ... I'm really, really proud of how our guys kept fighting.

Sources: Pensacola News Journal, ESPN / Photo Credit: YouTube Screenshot


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