High School Football Player Kicks Extra Point Off Referee's Head (Video)


Luis Aranda, a football player at Robert E. Lee High School in Midland, Texas, kicked an unusual extra point during a game on Sept. 18 (video below).

The football hit a referee in the head, but then found its way through the uprights. The refs had think about it, but eventually ruled the point good, notes SBNation.com.

USA Today reports the kick was originally a "line drive that had absolutely no business going through the uprights," but it got a helping hand — or head.

The video was originally tweeted by Marshall Hughes, the sports director at KOSA/CBS 7, who posted it on his YouTube page with the caption: "Talk about special teams player of the week!"

Sources: SBNation.comUSA Today, YouTube, Twitter / Photo credit: YouTube/Marshall Hughes Screenshot


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