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Health Teacher Recorded Discussing Drug Habits (Video)

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Project Veritas has launched an undercover series about teachers unions to reveal the ways various instructors "don’t practice what they preach," according to the project’s official website.

While at the New Jersey Educators Association (NJEA) in 2015, Project Veritas journalists met Robert Klein, a middle school gym teacher at Howell Township Middle School in New Jersey. He invited the undercover journalists back to his hotel room and explained a bit about his cocaine habit as a teacher.

"I am a teacher," Klein said. "I'm not driving around with fucking weed in my car. But I’ll have it delivered to my house.  [...] If you come to my home […] I have booze, I have water, I have blow at the house."

As a health teacher, he revealed how he learned to avoid the police dogs that are used throughout the area.

"Like I work with the police in the school district with the drug dogs and they teach us, and they teach you how the drug dogs sniff out drugs," he explained. "We're not putting drugs in my car. Now blow - different. […] Blow, people mix it with different things so it has like different scents, so it’s not a familiar scene to a dog. Weed is weed."

Klein offered drugs to the journalists, as he wanted to be a “good host.” He accused the duo of having a wire but managed not to catch them.

During the video, Klein received a fake award given by journalist James O’Keefe, who thanked Klein for "setting a great example for the students."

"We want you to have this opportunity to give you the education as far and health and drugs and all the programs that we run to keep you drug free," Klein said during his acceptance speech.

A journalist then visited Ronald Villano, field representative with the New Jersey Education Association, to reveal that she knew a teacher with a cocaine problem.

Although Villano suggested rehab, he also clarified that “we’re not going to tell anyone whether he goes or not."

"We do not reveal any records to schools, nor do we allow files to leave the school," he explained. "They stay at this office, they might as well get a court order."

As said teacher would be "jeopardizing his job" if word got out, Villano told the journalist he "would strongly urge that he only talks to you."

Sources: Project Veritas, Veritas Visuals/YouTube / Photo Credit: Veritas Visuals/YouTube via Daily Mail

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