Here's Why You Shouldn't Play Near The Pool (Video)


What should have been a fun-filled pool stunt for two teenagers became a horrifying lesson in the need for safety precautions (video below).

In the video, a teen is seen picking up his friend at the edge of a pool by wrapping his arms around his chest.

He arches backwards into nearly a bridge position, pulls his friend up over his head and body slams him into the pool.

But his friend did not hit the water as planned.

Instead, his head hits the side of the pool as his body falls into the water.

The other individuals present is heard laughing and screeching after the horrifying incident, but they do not jump into the pool to help the boy.

The teen who body slammed him into the water fell in too after presumably losing his balance.

The injured teen appears to emerge from underwater holding his head, but it is unclear due to poor video quality.

The video is believed to have been shot in Asia, according to Storyful Official.

If the teen did not sustain a serious injury, then he’s very fortunate as others have not been so lucky.

In 2014, a San Antonio, Texas, teen who was doing flips into a pool died after hitting his head at the bottom, My San Antonio reported.

Sources: Live Leak via Storyful Official/YouTube, My San Antonio / Photo credit: Live Leak via Storyful Official/YouTube

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