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Here's Why You Should Never Take Selfie In Front Of A Dumpster Fire (Video)

A Connecticut man and his friend decided to take a video selfie in front of a dumpster fire only to be struck by a jet stream of water from a firefighter’s hose while he was recording.

The video (below), posted to YouTube by Tom Lavery, was filmed on the same day as New Haven’s St. Patrick’s Day parade, FOX CT reports.

“This is why you don’t stick around when things are on fire,” Lavery wrote in the video description.

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According to the Daily Mail, Lavery and his friend Krystine Hall spotted the dumpster blaze while they were walking outside of a pizza restaurant. But instead of standing back, the pair decided to take a video selfie on Lavery’s phone as the crew tried to put out the fire behind them.

That’s when the stream of water hits both Lavery and Hall on the head, screaming as they are forced out of camera shot.

The two are believed to be Apple employees, so they most likely own an iPhone, which we can only hope was covered in a waterproof phone case.

Check out footage of the incident here:

Sources: FOX CTDaily Mail / Photo Credit: Tom Lavery/YouTube


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