Here's What Lil' Kim Looks Like Now


Rapper Lil' Kim sparked controversy for her almost unrecognizable appearance in recent Instagram photos. 

Lil' Kim posted a series of selfies on her Instagram account that showed her with lighter skin than normal, as well as enhanced facial features. Rumors quickly began to circulate that she bleached her skin and had a face lift as well as other procedures. 

The 41-year-old rapper has been out of the limelight for some time in order to start a family, and is only recently re-emerging. 

The photos shocked fans, some of whom refused to believe it was actually her.

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“What the hell??? This ain't Lil' Kim,” one viewer commented on Facebook, ET Online reported. “Ladies, always love yourself no matter what skin color you are!! You're still beautiful!!"

“Dark skinned Lil' Kim was perfection… I don’t know who this woman is anymore,” another fan added.

Others chose to support the rap star, who is set to be a part of the upcoming Bad Boys Reunion Tour in Brooklyn, New York. 

“Lil' Kim needs love, support, understanding. Not shame and judgement,” one fan commented.

In a recent interview with Billboard, Kim said she stepped away from the spotlight to raise her baby.

“For a long time, my focus was my baby,” she said to Billboard. “I wasn't thinking about music at all, and my focus was just raising my baby. Now that she's 19 months and she's going to be two this summer, she's motivating me to do music again. We play music all the time and she's always dancing.”

Kim, a former Dancing with the Stars contestant, released a mix tape last month but has not released a full album since 2005. Her Instagram not only features photos of her new look, but also a photo of her and ex-boyfriend Notorious B.I.G., to whom she will pay tribute at the upcoming Bad Boys show.

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“I was gonna post this pic for #SuckAD**kSaturday ‼️ but #SuckAD**kSunday !! will have to do!” she wrote in a caption alongside the flashback photo.

Sources: ET Online, Billboard / Photo credit: Interscope Records via Daily Mail, lilkimthequeenbee/Instagram

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