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Here's What This Guy Did To People Who Parked In Handicap Spots (Video)

Only the worst kinds of people steal parking spots reserved for those who are handicapped. One Brazilian prankster sought to make these people feel as regretful as they should for doing this, and the result is awesome (video below).

The man behind the prank is Tiago Fonseca. Fonseca took to the streets with a can of water-soluble spray paint and painted the disabled sign on the cars of people parked illegally in handicap spots.

When the owners returned to their cars, they completely freaked out — and hopefully realized how wrong it is to steal a disabled person’s parking spot. The people appear to have no clue Fonseca used paint that rinses off easily, which makes this even better.

Luckily for you, Fonseca caught everything on camera.

Check it out:

Source: YouTube, KSFM / Photo credit: Screenshot via YouTube


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