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The Truth About The Trump-Trudeau Handshake (Photo)

The first meeting between President Donald Trump and Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is being remembered primarily for a handshake.

The leaders of the two allied nations spoke in diplomatic tones, careful not to criticize one another's policies or personal styles, reports CNN.

However, the substance of their comments is being overshadowed by a photo of their handshake, which quickly went viral, observes

In the picture, Trump is seen extending his hand to Trudeau, and the camera captured the Canadian Prime Minister looking suspiciously at the president's upright palm.

Applying humorous captions to the photo has become a sport among social media users, as quoted by BuzzFeed.

On Twitter, one user posted: "Today, we are all Justin Trudeau," which seems to sum up much of the world's alleged apprehension about the new leader of the free world.

Some American women commented on Trudeau's famously handsome, youthful appearance.

"Can we have him, please?!?" asked one.

"Hearing Justin Trudeau speaking French made me sigh," added another.

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The moment also presented the opportunity to raise the issue of Trump's aggressive handshake style, which has already been the subject of much speculation.

According to body language expert Darren Stanton, the president's handshake is "all about the assertion of power and control,"  reports The Express. "The fact that he already knows he’s the most powerful man on the planet right now does not detract from the fact that you can take the businessman out of the boardroom but you can take the boardroom out of the businessman."

But despite Trudeau's momentary facial expression prior to shaking Trump's hand, it turned out to be just a normal handshake.

Following the photo-op, the two leaders attended a roundtable talk about the advancement of women in business, then proceeded to hold a joint press conference at the White House.

Sources:, CNN, BuzzFeed / Photo credit: Donald Trump/Twitter, Getty via BuzzFeed

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