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Here's The Super Bowl Commercial That Some Think Went Too Far (Video)

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A Doritos Super Bowl commercial showing a woman going into early labor has been labeled as “disturbing” after it tried to make premature birth look appetizing, according to Maxim.

The commercial opens with a father loudly eating Doritos during his partner’s ultrasound.

“Really, you’re eating Doritos? He’s eating Doritos at my ultrasound,” the woman says. “Do you see what I have to deal with?”

The baby can be seen in the ultrasound reaching for the Doritos. The father then teases the baby by moving the Doritos closer to the woman’s stomach. The woman throws the Doritos in protest.  

The commercial then ends with the mother screaming and giving birth to the child prematurely. The baby then lunges out of the woman’s womb in pursuit of the Doritos.

The commercial sparked a heated debate on social media with some vowing never to eat Doritos ever again.

“Doritos. No. Disturbing,” one Twitter user wrote.

One Twitter user wrote that it was a commercial made “by white dudes for white dudes.”

When asked about the intent of the commercial, Australian filmmaker Peter Carstairs noted that the “guys” he wrote it with liked the concept of a father going through a different experience of childbirth than a mother. Carstairs explained that within every source of conflict is an element of humor.

The commercial ran as part of the “Crash the Super Bowl” contest, which was a contest for the best commercial. The prize was worth $1 million, according to Sporting News.

Sources: Sporting News, Maxim / Photo Credit: Maxim

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