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Here's A Quicker, Easier Way To Get Snow Off Your Car (Video)

There is a quicker and easier way to get all the snow off your car, and, apparently, it involves very loud music.

In a new video posted to YouTube on Feb. 16, Chad Wilson shows us how to quickly remove snow piled up on a car without using a shovel or brush.

It turns out, all you need to clean off your car after a winter storm is a copy of DJ Snake and Lil Jon’s song, “Turn Down For What.” Then, simply crank the volume up on a giant subwoofer, also known as a loudspeaker, and let physics take over.

According to WGN-TV, Wilson and his brother have a shop called Jmobile Car Audio.

While the technique is pretty awesome to watch, viewers were a little worried about the child seen covering his ears in the passenger’s seat at the end of the video.

Would you try this clever snow removal method, instead of standing out in the freezing weather for hours with a scraper? Check out the 44-second clip below:

Sources: WGN-TV, The Daily Dot / Photo Credit: chad wilson/YouTube, dee_dee_creamer/Flickr Creative Commons


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