How To Get Back Into Your Locked Car In 10 Seconds

A surprising trick can help you get back into your car quickly after locking yourself out, and it's easier to do than you might think.

As seen on LittleThings, a user on WonderHowTo posted a video of his method for using a shoelace to unlock his car door after locking his keys inside. Unfortunately, this hack will only work with cars that have lock mechanisms that work by pulling up, but for cars with those locks, this method can help unlock a locked door in "10 seconds," according to the user who posted the video.

The unlocking method involves tying a loop in the shoelace, leaving some slack so that it can be tightened. Once the string has been worked into the opening in the door, tighten the loop around the lock, and then pull upward. WonderHowTo advises that this may take a few attempts.

WonderHowTo also lists other methods for getting back into your car, including using a wire hanger to make a hook that can unlock the door from under the window's weatherstripping. The article warns, however, that using a metal hanger or any other metal instrument on your car can cause damage.

Another method, popularized in a viral video with over a million views and later tested on the TV show Mythbusters, involves drilling a hole into a tennis ball, and then placing the hollowed out ball over the door's lock and pressing as hard as you can, in order to use pressure to open the lock. The show, however, wasn't able to repeat the results from the video, despite attempting a test where they pumped ten times as much air pressure as the tennis ball produced, with no sign of the car unlocking.

If all else fails, WonderHowTo recommends simply calling AAA. If you already have the service, they can send an employee to unlock your car in half an hour or, if you don't, you can create a membership and have someone assist you the same day.

Source: Little Things, WonderHowTo / Photo credit: TuRbO_J via  Wikimedia Commons

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