What Is Wrong With This Picture Of Adele? (Photos)


An edited image of Adele has gone viral -- and it's easy to see why.

Upon first glance, it appears to be a normal, upside photo of the singing sensation’s most recent album cover. 

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However, viewers were shocked when they realized the truth about the photo. Can you spot it?

Her lips and her eyes have been flipped upside down. Her signature black winged eyeliner is located at the bottom of her eyes, and the top and bottom of her lips have been switched through editing. 

The edits that have been made to Adele’s face become clear when the image is flipped. 

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The original source of the photo is unknown, reports the Daily Mail, but The Shade Room’s 3.7 million Instagram followers made it popular after it was posted on Feb. 27. 

With over 9,000 comments, users had a lot to say about the image. 

Some were scared.

“Thats terrifying,” one user wrote. "I dropped my phone."

“i cant OMG i AM going to cry,” another wrote.

“This scared the crap out of me,” wrote another.

Some tried to give an explanation for the morphed photo.

"Sorcery indeed," one user quipped.

Another user took the opportunity to compare Adele to a fellow celebrity.

"Adele to Kylie Jenner lips," they wrote, perhaps implying that reversing Adele’s lips made them plumper, in the same way that Jenner’s lips appear to have grown in size over the years. 

After the craze surrounding this photo, images of other celebrities surfaced. They also have distorted faces with upside down lips and eyes -- and they've garnered just as much attention. 

The Twitter account Turn Your Phone posted a photo of Nicki Minaj showing her long lashes extending from the bottom of her eyes and her cotton candy pink lipstick is painted on reversed lips. 

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When flipped, the image is even more dramatically distorted than that of Adele. 

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Adele and Nicki Minaj are only two of the many celebrities who have been targeted by this face reversal optical illusion.

Sources: Daily Mail, The Shade Room/Instagram / Photo credit: Instagram via Daily Mail, TurnYourPhone/Twitter

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