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Here's How This 12-Year-Old Is Overcoming Her Disease Despite All The Haters


12-year-old Adalia Rose Williams became an internet sensation due to her rare genetic condition. She suffers from Progeria; a disease that causes her to age faster than a normal person. Due to this aging disease, at six years Adalia only weighed 14 pounds, equal to the weight of her baby brother.

Adalia's mother, Natalia Amozurrutia, set up a Facebook page to let people know that her daughter was suffering from a rare premature aging condition. But despite her efforts to inform everyone, the negative and spiteful comments didn't cease. Regardless of Adalia's condition, some unkind people still had the audacity to make her a target of hate. There were also a number of online hoaxes reporting her death.

Thankfully, little Adalia received more love than hate and this helped her to stay positive and happy with her life. On Adalia's website, her mom wrote a heartwarming message about her child.

“Adalia Rose Williams is an extremely beautiful child. She loves to sing, dance, color, play dress up and make-up. Her energy level is over the top and many times we find ourselves amazed by all the things she does with determination. She speaks her mind and is very observant of her surroundings. Adalia has a heart bigger than Texas. She shows love and compassion and expresses herself using kind words towards those who love her and share good times and make good memories with her.”

“It amazes us how people that have tried to hurt themselves and came in contact with Adalia realize that life is not bad after all. Watching this little girl with Progeria, a disease that is aging her so fast before our eyes and she lives life to the fullest with her warm heart and outgoing personality.”

“She has a spirit out of this world, like no other and so unique. Her beauty inside and out brightens her surroundings. Talking and laughing with this little angel is the most amazing experience one can have. There are endless words to describe how Adalia Rose has affected the lives of her loving parents, adoring brother, all her family, and very close friends. Yes, she is the love of our lives, the air that we breathe, and the heart that constantly beats within us.”

Sources: The Epoch Times / Photo Credit: Facebook/Adalia Rose

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