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Here's The Guide One 12-Year-Old Boy Put Together For Understanding Women (Photos)

A preteen boy set out to do something that no man of any age had been able to do before: understand women.

While most people wouldn’t expect a 12-year-old to be able to figure out the subtle nuances of dealing with the opposite gender, this one did. He researched the matter. He observed. And finally, after a lot of self-reflection and analysis, he reached a conclusion.

Below you will find his book. Not to oversell it…but someone should probably start getting a Pulitzer ready.

It begins…

Image placeholder title

He’s getting us ready. I love it. Alright, hit us with the good stuff.

Image placeholder title

Got it.

Image placeholder title

Well, that’s just brilliant.

At 12 years old, this kid has already learned one of the most important lessons any man can ever learn. Good for him.

Sources: Viral Nova, Elite Daily


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