This Is What One Fifth Grader Would Do If He Became President

Being president of the United States can be rewarding, but dealing with issues like terrorism and the economy, living at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. can also be hard work. That’s what one Ohio kid has learned, and his response to what he would do if he were president is quickly making Internet rounds.

According to the Times-Gazette, kindergarten through eighth-grade students from Ashland, Ohio, area schools were asked by the local newspaper earlier this month, “What would you do if you were president of the United States?”

Matt Tullis, journalism professor at Ashland University, posted a photo (below) on Twitter of one student’s clever answer, with the caption, “Ty Wick of Ashland, Ohio, is one smart fifth grader.”

In a short essay, Wick writes:

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If I was the president of the United States I would resign. I would not like to have all of the pressure on me. Also look at our presidents and how badly they have aged over their term of presidency. Obviously I’m 10 and I would make terrible mistakes for the bad of the country. That’s why I would resign if I was president of the United States.

“THIS KID'S GOT MY VOTE,” comedian Brian Gaar tweeted. Ty Wick for president!

Sources: Ashland Times-Gazette, Brian Gaar/Twitter / Photo Credit: Matt Tullis/TwitterBeverly & Pack/Flickr Creative Commons


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