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'Who Taught Us That This Was OK?': Man Murdered After Emotional Facebook Post

A Missouri man was murdered hours after posting an emotional plea for peace on Facebook.

Walter Lee Gregory, 40, was shot to death in broad daylight in Kansas City, Missouri, on Jan. 19, WDAF reported. His family gathered for his vigil a week later.

The anti-violence group Mothers In Charge was present at the vigil. The scene was a familiar one for Rosilyn Temple, the organization's executive director and Gregory's cousin.

“This is three times this has happened to our family,” Temple said at the vigil. “It was a cousin before, then my son, now it’s Walter.”

Five hours before his death, Gregory took to Facebook to express his frustration with recent homicides in Kansas City.

“Why do black people hate each other so much?” Gregory wrote. “Who taught us that this was OK?”

Gregory’s father, Walter Kidd, said his son had no known enemies.

“What I can`t understand, he didn’t have a beef with people,” Kidd told WDAF. “It had to be somebody personally jealous of him or something.”

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Kidd said his son had been taking care of his mother, who suffered a stroke.

“What type of child, an only child would stop their life and to start taking care of a mother? Now what does that tell you about the man? That's a man,” said Brenda Kidd, Gregory’s stepmother.

Gregory’s death is Kansas City’s ninth homicide of the year, KMBC reported. Gregory leaves behind two daughters.

Police are investigating and said the only lead they have is a man spotted driving away from the scene in a red Chevrolet Camaro.

The family is begging for the suspect to turn himself in.

“I know my closure will come after the funeral,” said Walter Kidd. “Everybody, when they lose a child, they probably don’t want to admit it, but there’ll be a hole in their heart if they loved them.”

Sources: WDAF, KMBC / Photo credit: WDAF

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