Here's The Instagram Post That Landed One Teen Girl In Hot Water (Photos)


A high school senior has come in for some strong criticism online after she sought to start a fundraising campaign to pay for her first car.

The girl, known as Brattyreyna on Instagram, set up a page on the crowdfunding site GoFundMe entitled “For Reynas first car,” Daily Mail reported.

“Okay so I'm have to share something great! I am going to graduate in 4 months and I can't wait!!” Reyna explained in an Instagram post, Daily Mail reported. “However, I'm in need of a car. I've started a GoFundMe account to help me raise $3500!”

She tried to make her fundraising effort seem more appealing by offering some of what she raised to charity.

“With that money I plan on buying not only my car but also donating 10% of the donations to St. Judes Children's Hospital!” she added.

One person reportedly donated $20 to Reyna’s cause, before a wave of criticism forced her to take it down.

One user reacted with a sarcastic post, telling the teenager to get a job.

“There's placed that will donate money to you but you have to go in and do some work for some hours,” Instagram user ian_bradshaw responded. “You get paid every week or two depends on the place but you can make like 400 or more every two weeks.”

Reyna’s campaign prompted another user to start an alternative page entitled “Not for Reynas first car.”

“So, I saw an article about a young lady who set up a go find me [sic] page to raise $3500 for her first car. 10% of the funds raised would then go to St. Judes hospital,” wrote Andy. “Don't think I need to point out the issues with that. So let's raise £3500 ($5,000) for St. Judes instead. If we do, I'll send her a hotwheels set.”

Reyna is not the only person whose GoFundMe efforts have backfired.

Earlier in January, Tennessee resident Cinnamon Nicole set up a “Powerball reimbursement fund” after she failed to win the record $1.6 billion lottery jackpot. She wrote that she had no money left after spending it all on lottery tickets.

The page raised $800 before GoFundMe removed it. Nicole later claimed it had been a joke, but she came under attack from online users, according to The Telegraph.

Sources: Daily Mail, The Telegraph / Photo credit: Daily Mail

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