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Here's Another Way To Enjoy Watermelon On Hot Summer Day (Video)

Nothing says summer like a slice of watermelon, and this video (below) shows a fun way to enjoy this refreshing fruit on a hot day.

You may have been slicing watermelon wrong all these years. In this life hack video, YouTuber DaveHax shows how to cut up a watermelon with just a few slices, so you can save time and easily serve this summer fruit to your guests at your next out outdoor get together.

Start by using a sharp knife to cut the watermelon in half, then turn it over with the flat side down onto a chopping board. Cut strips about 1 inch wide all the way across the watermelon. Next, turn it around and do exactly the same again. Try to hold the melon together while you’re slicing. It’s simple and ready to serve. Pull a piece out and the watermelon is ready to eat.

That’s all there is to it! Check it out:

Last week, we reported on another tutorial video, called “3 Things You Should Be Making With Watermelon,” that demonstrated different ways to slice and serve the fruit: edible shot glasses, charred watermelon and watermelon pizza.

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Photo Credit: Screenshots via DaveHax/YouTube, Rameez Sadikot/Flickr Creative Commons


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