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Here Is What Happened When This Woman Met Her Online Boyfriend For The First Time

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A California woman married the love of her life just seconds after meeting him for the first time at the airport.

Erica Harris, from Murrieta, California, and Arte Vann, from Earlton, New York, first met in March of 2015 on Instagram — using accounts that they’ve both since deleted. 36-year-old Harris noticed Vann’s profile and reached out.

“What drew me to him is a lot of men, you can tell how they are to women through their comments,” she said. 

“I saw that Arte was very personal, and he was very attentive, and thought ‘Wow this guy seems like a nice guy.’”

The mother-of-three began liking his pictures, and he took notice. He tagged her in a full-body mirror selfie, prompting her to follow him. He quickly followed her back. They then began commenting and subsequently moved to direct messages. 

The messages began to flow quickly enough that they moved to the phone, where they spent “five to seven hours” speaking. It went on for months before Harris felt they were getting too close and decided to cut off communication.

In that time, they deleted their accounts and her life “started to unwind.” She eventually decided to get back in touch with Vann.

Harris messaged Vann but got no response — unaware that he’d recently been in a horrific car accident. After recovering and reopening his account in November, the two got back in touch and picked up right where they left off. 

The couple soon began receiving encouragement from fellow Instagrammers to “get hitched,” prompting an Internet proposal in the form of Harris sending Vann messages featuring lyrics from Beyonce’s song “Single Ladies.”

Vann quickly started looking for flights from his home in New York to California, soon realizing that he wouldn’t be able to return home if he saw her in person. He decided to quit his job and buy a one-way ticket. 

When they finally met for the first time at the airport, they embraced and Vann immediately dropped to one knee. 

“Will you marry me?” he asked. They recited vows to each other and left the airport as husband and wife. 

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“I used to hate the idea of marriage,” Harris told the Daily Mail. “But he’s a Prince Charming.”

The couple’s advice to others seeking love is simple:  “Don’t listen to your thoughts. Don’t listen to your head,” Vann said. “Follow your heart. Follow your soul.”

Sources: Daily Mail, CBS Los Angeles / Photo credit: Daily Mail

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