Here Are The Passive-Aggressive Notes That Have Emerged As A Result Of NY's Blizzard (Photos)


Storm Jonas wreaked havoc on New York City, leaving residents to deal with sticky slush and mountains of snow.

But Mother Nature is no match for the snarkiness of New Yorkers, who are resorting to passive-aggressive shaming tactics cold enough to freeze the city all over again.

Many pedestrians are slamming Mayor Bill de Blasio for putting drivers ahead of walkers, causing numerous boroughs to be snowed in.

Local resident Joanna Oltman Smith posted on Twitter a picture of a sign she made and then posted in Park Slope which read, “This hideous, dangerous, illegal, uncleared corner brought to you by Astoria Bank.”

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“It is done out of desperation,” Smith told DNAinfo. "I don't want to spend my time making little signs for all scofflaw owners. 

"Ideally, everyone in the community will show basic respect and concern for neighbors by making sure corners and sidewalks are safe to use."

The crosswalk was reportedly cleared within an hour of Smith's posting the sign.

According to the Daily Mail, another sign, posted in Crown Heights, read: “This path was made by an unknown young woman with her own shovel and no help from anyone. Thanks for making this crossing possible.”

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Instagram user jssica posted a picture of a note with the caption, “An anonymous neighbor blamed the blizzard on me. Guess he's not renewing his Rolling Stone subscription.”

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The Twitter account @ParkSlopePile has been shaming local establishments in the neighborhood for not clearing the sidewalk in front of their shops.

Many users have gone on social media to condemn the snow left on sidewalks in the city as a risk to pedestrians with children, the elderly and disabled people.

The communications director for the mayor, Andrea Hagelgans, said the city has plowed 7.25 million tons of snow from the streets -- enough to fill Yankee Stadium 66 times. 

On Jan. 24, the Official Website of the City of New York posted a call for “additional emergency snow laborers” to help with the clean-up effort, offering “$13.50 per hour, and $20.25 per hour after 40 hours are worked in a week, an increase from the previous year.”

“This was one of the worst storms to ever hit New York City, and we need all hands on deck to dig us out,” de Blasio said.

Sources: DNA info,, Daily Mail / Photo credit: Twitter/Mottel via Daily MailJoanna Oltman Smith/Twitter

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