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Helmet Cam Films Motorcycle Crashing Into Car (Video)

Seth Dieckman's helmet camera filmed him crashing into the back of a car on a highway in Tumwater, Washington, on Jan. 16 (video below).

The video begins with Dieckman and his Suzuki Katana 600 merging onto Interstate 5 when an Acura flies up from behind, almost hitting him, notes The Olympian.

Dieckman makes an obscene gesture at the driver and tries to catch up with him. However, the Acura suddenly hits the brakes, and Dieckman's bike goes flying into the car.

Dieckman ends up on the car trunk as the Acura speeds away -- and the Acura keeps driving until Dieckman beats on the back window.

"I grabbed a hold of that spoiler and held on for dear life," Dieckman told The Olympian. "The adrenaline was pumping so hard."

The Acura driver, Jason A. Thomas, was arrested for driving with a suspended license and on suspicion of DUI. Thomas did not reply to the newspaper's questions.

Dieckman ended up being taken to a local hospital, but his injuries only included being "sore all over."

A Washington State Patrol spokesperson said last week that Dieckman was at fault, but the motorcyclist has yet to be charged.

"I think that’s B.S.," Dieckman fired back. "In a span of 10-15 seconds, I was almost killed three times."

According to Dieckman, lawyers have been reluctant to take his case because Thomas lacks auto insurance.

Dieckman said that he owes about $1,000 on the motorcycle, which is now costing him more money at an impound lot.

In another bizarre motorcycle incident, a biker was recently riding in Chicago when a police officer tossed some coffee at him. The incident was caught on video and posted on Facebook.

Police Superintendent Eddie Johnson told the Chicago Tribune that there will be an investigation into the incident:

We expect every officer to be professional (and) treat people fairly and responsibly. So to that end we'll have an investigation, an investigation has been opened up, and when it comes down to it, that officer will be held accountable and will be disciplined appropriately.

Sources: The Olympian, Chicago Tribune / Photo Credit: Wars/Wikimedia

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