Omaha Police Mourn Death Of Honorary Squirrel


The Omaha Police Department in Nebraska is mourning the death of a squirrel.

Officer Mike Bossman announced on Twitter that the squirrel was found dead in the police department’s parking lot on April 26, CBS News reported. The squirrel was a regular at the Omaha Police Department and was considered by many officers to be a part of the team.

"We are sad to announce that @OpdSquirrel has been found dead in the parking lot," Officer Bossman tweeted. "We are not investigating."

Bossman added that he had just fed the squirrel that morning and that, "Life is short!"

A photo was also shared of an officer kneeling over the dead squirrel and bowing his head, according to the Daily Mail. The squirrel had a chalk outlining around its body.

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The squirrel was so beloved that it even had its own Twitter page. In its bio, it was written that the squirrel liked "[g]ranola bars, buffalo flavored sunflower seeds, and traffic cops" and had been "fostering positive Police/Squirrel relations since 2016," CBS News notes.

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The squirrel’s Twitter account has remained active and "family and friends" have offered their condolences.

"He will be sorely missed by our 35 children and I," Mrs. OPDSquirrel tweeted, according to the Daily Mail.

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Sources: CBS News, Daily Mail / Photo Credit: Twitter via Daily Mail

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