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Woman Who Made 'Terrible' Elsa Cake Has Heartbreaking Backstory

The now-infamous “terrible” Elsa cake that went viral on Monday has a touching backstory.

A redditor shared an image of the original Frozen cake, created by Shawn McGreevy, and the imposter, titled, “the cake that was ordered and the cake that arrived.”

A volunteer made the cake, almost universally considered “terrible,” for the Maryland charity Icing Smiles, which makes custom cakes for terminally ill children to brighten their day.

“My heart broke for the baker because I know how much of herself she puts into her donations,” Icing Smiles posted on Facebook, according to WNEP 16. “Our Sugar Angel wasn’t commissioned to copy Shawna’s work, she was asked for a Frozen cake for a sick child and she did just that.”

As it turns out, Lisa Randolph-Grant, who made the cake, put everything into it that she could. As she posted on Facebook, she knew that the cake was “a HOT MESS,” but there was more to the story.

Randolph-Grant explains that she had just lost her grandmother and spent the day comforting her mother. When she finally got to work, she only had two hours to make the whole cake and deliver it.

“I was so upset I remember asking for prayer on Facebook to get it done,” she said.

She finished the cake and went to deliver it. When she pulled it out of her delivery truck, it was raining so hard that the wind blew the top of the box back, and the cake was soaked in the rain. She had to clean up the cake with a paper towel.

“Yes I've seen all the really mean comments, some even posted by some of my so called cake friends that know it's my cake,” she posted. “At the end of the day, I DIDN'T let that sick baby down l gave it all I had to give, so make fun all [sic] me all you guy's want if that is what you need to do to feel good about yourself.”

She thanked the people who understood that the cake “was made with all I had that day.”

Now that Randolph-Grant was able to explain herself, it remains to be seen how long until the public will “Let it Go.”

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Sources: WNEP 16, Reddit, Facebook
Photo Credit: Screenshot from WNEP 16


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