Hardee's Employee's Act Of Kindness Goes Viral


A fast food restaurant worker's selfless act of kindness went viral.

Love What Matters posted about the teen’s kind gesture on Facebook after the story went viral.

As Kailen Young, 17, was washing windows outside of Hardee's, he saw an elderly customer having a hard time on her feet. She was trying to make it to her car. That's when Kailen stopped working and offered his arm. As that was happening, a different customer was touched by the moment and captured this photo.

The act went viral and Hardee's recognized Kailen with a $1,000 bonus. Kailen is majoring in engineering and using the money for college.

Kailen’s gesture was noticed by David Yardley, who was passing by the restaurant and decided to take a photo. 

“I felt a little touch of heaven, that kindness and goodness in the world,” Bobbi Clare, the elderly woman helped by Kailen, said, WBIR reported. 

Yardley told the Huffington Post that he was at a gas station across the street when he noticed what Kailen was doing for Clare. 

“It spoke volumes. Black and white, male and female, young and old, all came together in one photo,” he said to the Huffington Post. “It was just a tender moment. ... At the end of the day, it was a young person having enough compassion to help an older person.”

“Some people say they view it as rare, and I was surprised by that, because it’s just a normal thing for me,” Kailen said to WBIR. “Going through reading the comments, it’s been very humbling, very heartwarming.”

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"That's how to be a good man," one reader commented on Love What Matters’ Facebook page. "He has a job, he has compassion for other people, willing to step right up and be helpful. His parents raised him right and they can be proud of their son. There should be more like him and I am glad he was given a bonus by his boss. He deserves it and I bet that lady loved him for helping her."

“A wonderful young man! Kudos to Hardees for recognizing his kindness and investing in his future,” another added. 

Sources: Love What Matters/Facebook, Huffington Post, WBIR via Burlington Free Press / Photo credit: David Yardley/Facebook via Huffington Post

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