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Gwyneth Paltrow: I Made Divorce More 'Positive' For All

Actress Gwyneth Paltrow believes that she and her ex-husband Chris Martin have made divorce culture a more "positive" experience.

Paltrow gave herself this pat on the back during an interview with InStyle magazine, notes The Daily Beast:

He’s at my house every single day. We still have our family life. To this day, Chris would take a bullet for me, even though I’m not his wife. I honestly think Chris and I have contributed something positive to the culture of divorce.

The Oscar-winning actress has referred to her divorce from the Coldplay singer as a "conscious uncoupling."

In more excerpts from the interview, Paltrow told InStyle magazine why she promotes her opinions on what is healthy:

I've learned how the cycle works… It used to be that I would talk about something or write about it, and people would be like, "What the f*** is she talking about? She’s a witch!" And then later on it would sort of catch on. So now I just recognize it: OK, I’m going to talk about this, and people will think it’s weird, and that’s how it goes.

I’m like, this is my role. I’m here to do this. A friend told me if you’re a trailblazer, you’re the first one through, and you get the cuts because you’re hacking the path.

Paltrow has advocated for other controversial practices, such as vaginal steams and pricey lifestyle products.

IN the interview, she also referenced themes from her new book, "Clean Beauty":

I mean, it’s shocking to me that the government doesn’t regulate this stuff… How many of my friends have had fertility issues? How many of my daughter’s friends have had precocious puberty? Well, maybe that’s because we are putting endocrine-disrupting hormones in everything.

Paltrow also addressed turning 40 years old:

When I turned 40, I felt like I got this free software upgrade that I wasn’t expecting. It just happened. Suddenly I was like, "Oh, this is fantastic: I don’t care! I like myself, and I’m just going to live my life. I’m going to stop worrying and tearing myself down."

Source: The Daily Beast, InStyle / Photo Credit: Georges Biard/Wikimedia Commons

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