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Guy Writes Angry Note After Parking Spot Stolen, Gets A Pleasant Surprise In Return (Photos)

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A man in Los Angeles received a surprising apology from a driver who stole his parking spot earlier this week. 

L.A. comedian Whitney Melton shared the experience on Facebook, starting with the note he left for the person who took his spot. He discovered that his spot was stolen after coming home from an 18-hour work day.

“Hi! What is this bulls**t?” Melton’s note read. "You’re in my space! As you probably know, this neighborhood sucks for street parking. I just spent 30 minutes looking for a space and hiking back. And now I have to wake up and move it for street cleaning too. Let’s not let this happen again ok? 

“I get it, we all do crappy things now and then. But I really hope I never see your car in my space again. If you wanted to do right, when I get home from work tomorrow there will be a six-pack of good beer here.”

The following day, Melton came home to a surprise waiting for him in his parking spot — a six-pack of Ballast Point Sculpin IPA, which reportedly sells for $17.99. 

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Check out Melton’s note below.

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Sources: Full Redneck, Facebook

Photo Credit: Full Redneck


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