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Officers Help Residents Prepare For Hurricane (Photos)

When a Florida man spotted four police cruisers pulling into his neighborhood, he became concerned and took out his camera. When he realized why the officers were there, he was pleasantly surprised.

Christopher Valicenti, of Port Saint Lucie, was in the middle of preparing for Hurricane Matthew to arrive when he saw four police cruisers park on the street in his neighborhood. He soon realized that the officers had come to help residents board up their homes in preparation for the hurricane.

"Cop cars on my block just driving around," Valicenti wrote in a Facebook post, according to WAGA. "Helping anybody who needs help."

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Valicenti shared two photos of the officers helping his neighbors with hurricane preparation. One photo shows the patrol cars parked along the street in his neighborhood. The other shows two officers helping a man board up his windows.

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The photos were shared more than 27,000 times on Facebook in just a few days.

In Comway, South Carolina, police officers arrived post-hurricane with 300 bottles of water, hundreds of pounds of food, and $2,000 in donations collected over the weekend of Oct. 8 and 9 to help those most affected by the storm. 

According to WSLS, more than 150 Myrtle Beach businesses were destroyed in the hurricane and about 80 percent of the county is without power.

Officers in the area say they hope to feed about 15,000 people in need of meals every day.

Sources: WAGAWSLS / Photo credit: Christopher Valicenti/Facebook via WAGA

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