Guy Uses Leaf Blower To Get Snow Off Car In Perfect Viral Clip (Video)

Most parts of the country have gotten pummeled with snow this winter, and while many are understandably frustrated that they have to keep cleaning the snow off their car each day, one guy demonstrated that it doesn’t have to be as challenging as everyone thinks.

In the now viral clip posted to YouTube by user NerdishByNature, a man grabs a leaf blower and demonstrates how easy it is to get snow off of your car.

“While the north east and midwest are covered in snow, people are getting creative when it comes to cleaning / freeing their cars from the white mess. Jurre borrowed Andy's leaf blower and had some fun,” the video’s description reads.

The video has quickly gone viral, and while some people have shared experiences doing similar things themselves, that majority of comments seem to be from people who wonder why nobody ever thinks of something so obvious.

“Brilliant!! Why didn't I think of this?!” one YouTube commenter asks.

Check out this guy’s creative use of leaf blower in the viral clip below.

Source: LiftBump, YouTube


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