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Guy Steals A Bike, Pays The Price Immediately (Video)

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A man apparently attempting to steal a motorcycle got a big dose of karma when he was kicked off by a fellow biker filming the attempted robbery on his helmet camera.

In the video (below), the biker was seen riding ahead of the cameraman on the stolen motorcycle. The cameraman sped his way towards the biker, trying to catch up with him and thwart his attempt. 

When the cameraman finally got close enough, he reached out and kicked the would-be robber off of the bike and onto the ground. The video then cut to a shot of the man getting arrested by police.

"This is what happens when you steal a bike," the cameraman said. 

Viewers on Reddit applauded the biker who shot the video for stopping the thief.

"Awesome karma!" one viewer wrote. "Karma gets ya," another added.

Watch the incident unfold below.

Sources: Reddit, World Star Hip Hop

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