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Guy Shoveling Snow Inadvertently Makes New Dance Routine As He Tries To Keep Balance (Video)

A video of a man trying to shovel snow has taken the Internet by storm as he slips and slides on ice while clearing a sidewalk.

The 9-second clip appears to show the man digging a narrow path through a patch of snow.

MailOnline notes that things take a turn for the worse as the man loses his balance, and attempts to stabilize himself on the icy ground by grabbing onto his shovel, which he then throws away in anger.

According to The Huffington Post, the video below was made by 21-year-old Rashad Cole, of Lexington, Kentucky, on Feb. 16 to show a “funny exaggeration” of shoveling snow.

"I put it on my Twitter and Instagram to get a few laughs out of it but as soon as the Internet got a hold of it, it instantly blew up incredibly fast all over the world,” Cole said.

Check out the clip below:

It didn’t take long for the Internet to give different interpretations of Cole’s dance routine. Reddit user “thewhyteman” inserted him into an iconic scene from “The Breakfast Club.”

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One user suggested, “Someone edit this without the shovel.. and put him in a club?” Ask and you shall receive.

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Another user edited Cole scoring a goal in a hockey game.

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Sources: MailOnlineThe Huffington Post / Photo Credit: hazel_vision/Instagram


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