Double-Parked Driver Gets Lesson In Courtesy (Video)

A driver who rudely double-parked in front of a church during a busy period received a lesson in being considerate when an angry neighbor decided to block him in (video below).

In a video that has gone viral online, a man decided to double-park his car outside of a church during a busy time when many people were entering and exiting -- but neighbor Dale decides he's going to give a free lesson. Dale sets up a chair in front of the man's car and plopped down, reading a book and drinking a cup of coffee while refusing to let the man pull out, reported Little Things.

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Double parking is illegal in many cities, but often authorities let it slide as a "courtesy" for those who are quickly stopping before continuing on. Churches in San Francisco, Hoodline reports, are reportedly a hot spot for double parking during both Sunday and mid-week services, in a city where parking is already hard to come by.

"There is no permit that allows double parking and the City does not have an official double parking policy for churches," said a representative from San Francisco's Metropolitan Transit Authority division of Transportation Engineering.

"Some churches in the City do not have available parking for their worshippers," the representative went on to say. "Traffic on a Sunday morning does not parallel Monday through Friday traffic. If we receive complaints of double parking on a Sunday and find that a hazard exists we will issue citations."

The man in the video, however, did not appear to be double-parked to worship at the church. Instead, we see him returning to his car with coffee.

"I honestly don’t think it’s too much to ask for you to park in such a way that allows a handicapped entrance to be used, or for an emergency vehicle to be able to enter through the driveway," said Dale.

Dale is seen sitting in front of the man's car, preventing him from leaving, showing him what his double parking is doing to others trying to access the church.

Viewers on YouTube have praised Dale's lesson in courtesy. One commenter said, "Bravo…. cheap, easy, peaceful solution, and only 3 minutes of time to block him, but left him scarred for a few hours I bet!"

Sources: Little Things, Hoodline, Dale/YouTube / Photo credit: Andrew Dudley/Hoodline

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