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Gun Store Won't Sell To Muslims, Clinton Supporters

Altra Firearms in Jackson Center, Pennsylvania, refuses to sell guns to Muslims and people who support Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton.

Store owner Paul Chandler placed an ad in a local newspaper that said: "Please NO Muslims or Hillary Supporters  -- We do not feel safe selling to terrorists!" according to ThinkProgress.

Chandler said he is allowed to discriminate against people, and claimed that Clinton has "clearly stated that she doesn’t think Americans should have what she calls 'assault weapons' or even guns themselves."

Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump has made similar accusations about Clinton, but Politifact noted in May that it did not find evidence that she ever advocated for repealing or abolishing the Second Amendment.

Clinton tweeted in April 2016: "We can protect our Second Amendment rights AND take commonsense steps to prevent gun violence. It’s just a question of whether we choose to."

"It’s incrementalism," Chandler told ThinkProgress. "She will take one gun away and then she’ll take the next gun and the next gun until finally there’s no guns. So if you’re supporting her, I’m not going to arm you."

After confirming that he would keep his guns out of people's hands, Chandler gave his opinion of American Muslims:

They want to destroy America, they want to destroy the American way of life. And so we’re putting more and more Muslims, the religion that has declared war against us, here, and I don’t feel safe arming them.

Chandler insisted that Obama and Clinton supporters have also said they "want to take guns out of the hands of people," and that he's "helping them not to be a hypocrite," by refusing to sell firearms to certain people.

Chandler defended his discrimination of Muslims based on their religion:

We have a responsibility not to sell weapons to people we think would use them in a crime or do something illegal with them. I have to be honest with you -- I do not feel safe selling weapons to Muslims. I’m not denying them the right. They can buy a gun somewhere else. I’m just not going to be the one to sell it to them.

Chandler admitted he wouldn't be able to identify if a customer was Muslim, and said that he would sell a gun to a Muslim if that Muslim would "condemn the actions of these Muslims who are killing people."

"The Muslim faith is pushing the agenda," Chandler added. "Go to Detroit … They want Sharia law."

Sources: ThinkProgress, Politifact, Hillary Clinton/Twitter / Photo Credit: Altra Firearms

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