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Reddit User Inherits Fortune From Estranged Uncle (Photo)

A user on Reddit inherited an impressive car collection from his "crazy loner of an uncle" who spent a lot of money buying expensive automobiles.

The Redditor posted an image of a letter he received from an attorney's office. Listed in the letter are 14 cars -- most of them collectibles -- that the deceased decided to leave to his oldest nephew.

Among them: a 1964 Chevrolet Corvette, a 1967 Porsche 912, a 1968 Alpine A110 1500, a 1969 Jaguar XKE, a 1972 Lamborghini Espada, and a 2000 Ferrari 550. All of them, the letter states, are stored in a climate-controlled facility.

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The Ferrari, according to Hagerty, has an average value of $92,000, while the Lamborghini has an average value of $71,200. Both vehicles are worth well over $100,000 if in perfect condition.

The Reddit user wrote that when he heard he would be inheriting some cars from his estranged uncle, he wasn't expecting much. He was shocked when he learned of the quality of the collection.

"Apparently he got lucky with some land holdings during the housing bubble -- selling them before it burst -- and spent most of the profits expanding and restoring his collection," he wrote. "We think about 75 [percent] of the cars are in running condition, but we aren't sure which ones. The law firm has yet to get somebody with expertise into his storage facility, they just sent somebody down to get the VIN numbers and so forth."

He went on to write that his parents, who "hate" his uncle, are advising him to sell everything except a 1980 Ford Bronco, "which they view as the most reliable." But he's not quite sold on the idea.

"I really don't want to do that and am talking to a financial adviser," he wrote. "I think it would be better to hold onto the cars as long as possible. I don't think they will go down in value and I have a good, albeit entry level, job in tech that covers my living expenses. The big problem for now is finding some way to pay the lease and utilities on the storage facility when three months are up."

"I know people are going to ask for [pictures] but as of now the only people allowed into the facility are the executors of the estate, which [does not] include me," he added. "I asked them for pictures and they said they would try, but that it might be better just to wait until I can legally go in and take them myself."

When asked by a fellow Reddit user why his parents are so determined to get rid of the vehicles, the lucky nephew indicated that resentment factors into the equation.

"They've never really liked [cars] aside from objects of basic transportation," he explained. "Plus they hate my uncle. They didn't like him when he was a wacky recluse and ... they really don't like him now that they know he was not only secretly wealthy, but also left them out of his will."

Hundreds of people have since weighed in with advice and value estimates. One user, who broke down each vehicle's approximate value, estimated that the entire collection is worth close to $1 million.

"This is presuming everything listed is in good condition, matching numbers, base spec, low [miles] and with no major issues keeping it off the road," the user added.

Sources: Reddit, Hagerty (2) / Photo credit: Michaelphayes/Wikimedia Commons, VW Vortex

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