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Mother Sees Ghost Of Young Daughter In Snapchat Selfie (Photo)

A Texas mother believes she saw the ghost of her young daughter in her son’s Snapchat selfie.

Upon viewing her 13-year-old son’s selfie, Patricia Winchester, 44, saw a white figure over his shoulder in the background, the Daily Mail reports. Her son, Hunter Bounds, had sent the photo to a friend via Snapchat. It was only when his friend sent the picture back to him with a circle around the ghostly shape and asked what it was that Bounds noticed it was there.

"Hunter sent me the picture, and just by his text I could tell he was freaked out,” Winchester said. "He said, ‘Mom, please excuse the bad language but this looks like something.’"

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Winchester believes the figure could be the ghost of her daughter Adrianna. The girl died at the age of 5 in 2006 after being caught under a trailer during a cheerleading parade.

"I have a picture of Adrianna wearing a white dress. That's what the figure reminded me of," Winchester said. "I think I have always had a feeling that Adrianna would show herself in some sort of way. People on social media have said the figure seems to be [a] protecting presence. I feel like Adrianna is with him. Part of me really feels her there. I think she is a very strong spirit, and she would be able to do it. It's a comfort in some way."

While Winchester finds the spirit to be a comfort and not harmful to her son, she said that Bounds was so terrified after seeing it that he refused to sleep in his room that night.

"You could tell it had scared him," Winchester said of her son. "Before this he has said he has felt as though something was there."

Winchester and Bounds have experienced other paranormal activity since Adrianna’s death.

"Not long after Adrianna passed away I was outside our home with Hunter and our dog," Winchester said. "Hunter was pointing up and calling her, and the dog was barking at the same spot. And Adrianna actually did visit my father at the hospital when he passed away in 2013. My son and nephew were in the room with him. Hunter came out telling me that my father had been calling for Anna (that's what we called her). It was just before he died."

"Other times, I've come and her picture has moved from the table onto the floor while the house has been empty," she said.

Winchester plans to have a paranormal expert review the photo, hoping it will shed further light on what is happening.

"I don't usually talk about my daughter but I would quite like to get some answers now and to see if anyone can help at all," she said.

Winchester’s ghostly encounter comes after news broke that paranormal investigators claim to have captured footage of a ghost in a Biddeford, Maine, theater.

A team of investigators from EVP Paranormal of Maine think they have a photo of the ghost of Eva Gray, who died in 1904 at the Biddeford City Theater following her performance, according to WCSH.

Gray, whose young daughter was in the theater when she died, suffered from heart failure backstage. She was 33 years old.

Sources: Daily Mail, WCSH / Photo credit: Mercury Press and Media Ltd. via Daily Mail

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