Grieving Mom Gets Heartbreaking Delivery In Mail


A grief-stricken mother whose 10-year-old daughter died two months before got a startling phone call, followed by a heartbreaking item in her mailbox, reports Fox 8 Cleveland.

In September, Delaney Riley, a bright and active little girl who enjoyed running, collapsed as she walked out her front door to go to school in Ohio. Delaney had an undiagnosed heart condition that could have killed her before she was 10 months old, let alone 10 years old, reports Mad World News.

While still coming to grips after her daughter’s death, Chrissy Horning got an unexpected text message from the mother of Delaney's best friend, Abigail.

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Three months before she died, Delaney and Abigail were on vacation in Hilton Head, South Carolina. The two girls were so excited for the trip that they wrote a long, exhaustive letter with pictures and signs, and rolled it up in a bottle which they threw into the Atlantic Ocean while on a boat trip.  

The bottle ended up in someone else’s hands months later, according to The State.

Two other girls — also best friends — were walking the beach in Hilton Head when they found a message in a bottle washed ashore. When the girls read the letter, they found Abigail’s mothers cellphone number and sent her a text message letting her know they found the bottle. What they didn’t know was how precious their find was to Delaney’s mom.

“We live on Hilton Head and we thought you’d like to know we found Delaney Riley’s message in a bottle. We’re two best friends — nine and ten years old — and we think girls rule too,” they wrote in the text message to Abigail’s mom, who sent it Horning.

When Horning and Delaney’s stepmother, Stephanie Riley, received the letter, they were overwhelmed by how much of it personified everything about Delaney.

“She’s with us. She’s our angel watching us. It was a sign that she’s here with us, and a sign that we really needed.” Horning told Fox 8 Cleveland.

Sources: Mad World News, The State, Fox 8 Cleveland / Photo credit: Fox 8 Cleveland

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