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Great White Shark Surprises Fisherman (Video)

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A New Zealand fisherman got more than he bargained for while fishing recently.

During a fishing charter in New Zealand, a great white shark shocked a fisherman when it stole his catch while he was reeling it onto his boat.

The incident was caught on tape that can be viewed below.

Fishing with Captain Bucko's Fishing charters, the fisherman had caught a big fish while another angler on the boat filmed him, according to the Inquisitr. The video reveals the fisherman struggling with the large fish as he reels it up. It is then revealed that a large portion of the fish is missing as the shark swims up to claim the rest of it. 

The group of anglers on the boat react in shock and laughter as the shark takes a bite out of the fish in its powerful jaws.

“I thought he was coming in,” the fisherman says in the video. 

“I think we’ll go in and watch this video,” the cameraman tells him. “Change of endings. That was pretty awesome.”

Great white sharks are common in northern New Zealand. In fact, researchers found 11 great white sharks in the area in January alone. 

Source: The Inquisitr Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons


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