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Great White Shark Jumps Out Of Water, Fails To Catch Seal In Wild Chase (Video)

The Atlantic White Shark Conservancy posted a video (below) on Monday of a great white shark pursuing a seal that escaped its dangerous jaws. Both creatures jumped out of the water during the wild chase.

The video was filmed by Dr. Greg Skomal, of the Massachusetts Division of Marine Fisheries, who was working with the conservancy.

The Boston Globe notes that Cynthia Wigren, president of the conservancy, said in a statement:

The escape was incredible to witness. We’ve seen three predations over the last two years and this was a first — to watch a white shark leap from the water in an attempt to grab a grey seal. The seal won that battle, but shortly after the same shark successfully consumed a different seal further offshore.

View the pictures on Twitter, if you dare.

Sources: Atlantic White Shark Conservancy, The Boston Globe, Twitter / Photo Credit: Atlantic White Shark Conservancy Screenshot


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